All About Anabolic Steroids

History of steroids…

Many people think about steroids in terms of just what has been used by athletes in the gym. Today, most of what we hear about steroid use is negative. There are allegations about various athletes testing positive, debates about if they should be allowed in sports, and  reports of positive tests in just about every sport you can think of on a professional level. Yet that doesn’t mean that this is just an issue on that level because there are concerns about use in high schools, college, and even the Olympic Games.

Taking a look at the history of steroids, one can find a new way to appreciate them. This type of product was actually developed for a variety of different medical needs. In fact, they continue to be used in the medical community today. Some individuals with severe breathing problems, AIDS/HIV, and other health issues may take them daily. While there are known side effects from steroid use, in such instances the patients and their doctor’s agree such side effects are worth the benefits.

It is believed that the ancient Greeks were the first to use any form of anabolic steroid. It is believed they were used in those early Olympic Games so long ago. They were eating various types of foods as a way to supplement their natural production of testosterone so that they would have more endurance for workouts and for the actual competition in these games. It was quite an honor to participate in that culture and everyone wanted to walk away the winner.

In 1849 modern medicine began to benefit from the use of steroids. This was due to the findings of Arnold Adolph Berthold from Germany. He performed various experiments that led to the development of anabolic steroids as we know them today. The first ones were used by patients around the early 1930s. In 1935 synthetic testosterone was released for patients to use. It may surprise you to find that two people – Butenandt and Ruzicka were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1939for their work with anabolic steroids.

The injectable forms of steroids weren’t introduced until the early 1940s. Studies showed that this was easier for the person to benefit from due to the product going directly into the bloodstream. It was also noted that damages to the liver could occur with the use of oral steroids.

In the 1980’s, many bodybuilders and athletes talked openly about their use of steroids. They didn’t hide it as it wasn’t illegal during that period of time. In fact, it was quite rare to see such an athlete that wasn’t using them. However, as more research came to light about the negative effects from steroid use, the laws began to change. In many locations, it was determined to be illegal to use them without a prescription from a licensed doctor.

Even with such laws in place, many people continue to use steroids for athletic abilities and to help them change their physique. Some women use them to help them lose weight and to tone up in those hard to burn fat areas. The black market and online pharmacies continue to be locations where people can get the steroids they want without any prescription necessary.